Artist Bio

Part portraiture, part collage constructed of disinherited consumer “waste” collected in over fifty countries, part sociopolitical archive, but wholly humanist, Currier’s work has been featured in numerous solo shows, including a major solo exhibition at the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Embassy in Washington, DC. Her work is exhibited and collected internationally. She lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Erin Currier

Artists Statement

What began as a natural integration of my sociopolitical beliefs with a sheer joy of art-making, has since developed into a full-fledged artistic praxis by which I integrate the human realm I come in contact with in the course of my travels- its individuals, cultures, and struggles- with its refuse, in order to comment on and participate in the issues I feel most passionate about. I have traveled to over 50 countries, immersing myself, to the best of my abilities, in the daily life of countries like Nepal and Nicaragua, cities such as Istanbul and Caracas, studying languages, getting around on foot or by bus, sketching, documenting extensively, making friends, and collecting disinherited commercial “waste”, after which I return to my studio to create series of works. Aesthetically, Latin American Muralist traditions, Eastern Spiritual Iconography, and Social Realism inform my work. In addition to drawing its subjects from the so-called developing world, my work often draws its aesthetic from the “Global South”, as well as its philosophical influence, in the form of Paolo Freire, Eduardo Galeano, Augusto Sandino, and Edward Said.
The more I travel, the greater my sense of urgency as an artist to address social inequality and economic disparity through my work. Above all, I am a humanist artist, politically active and unapologetically narrative in my repertoire of practices, and for whom art and the social world are inseparable.
Erin Currier

Instagram: @erincurrierfineart

Artist Resume

Born:  1975, Haverhill, MA

Home:  Santa Fe, NM

Education:  College of Santa Fe, BFA Theatre Design (magna cum laude)


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2018: “Las Meninas,” Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2018: “La Frontera,” Harwood Museum of Art, Taos, NM

2017: “La Frontera,” University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ

2017: “Fight Like a Girl,” Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2016: “Rogues and Reinas,” Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2016: “Song of the West,” Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque, NM

2015: “The Orchard Keepers,” Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2014: “From Taos to Laos,” Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2013: “From Paris to Phnom Penh,” Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2013: “Soldiers, Saints, and Psychos,” Kohi Kulturaum, Karlsruhe, Germany

2012: “From California to Cairo,” Hamilton Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2011: “Seven Miles Per Second,” Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2010: “Friendly Skies,” Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2010: “Journalistas Unembedded,” Parks Gallery, Taos, NM

2009: “Schoolyards,” Parks Gallery, Taos, NM

2009: “Schoolgirls and Schoolboys” Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM

2009: “Portenas,” Masottatorres Contemporanea, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2008: “Miss World,” Parks Gallery, Taos, NM

2007: “America Below,” Parks Gallery, Taos, NM

2007: “In Solidarity,” Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Embassy, Washington D.C.

2006: “From Vietnam to Venezuela, Bandits and Beauty Queens,” Parks Gallery, Taos

2005: “Mothers and Martyrs,” Parks Gallery, Taos, NM

2005: “Small Works,” Parks Gallery, Taos, NM

2004: “The Other America,” Parks Gallery, Taos, NM

2004: “Selected Works,” TOPS Gallery, Malibu, CA

2003: “Liberation Series,” College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

2003: “Liberation Series,” Parks Gallery, Taos, NM


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2018 -2020: "Enduring Ideals: Rockwell, Roosevelt & the Four Freedoms," The Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI; The George Washington University Museum, &The Textile Museum, Washington, D.C; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX;  Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA

2018-2019: “Because It's Time: Unraveling Race & Place in New Mexico,” National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque, NM

2018-2019: Without Borders/Arte Sin Fronteras, El Pueblo History Museum, Pueblo, CO

2013-2019: LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA

2018: “Revolution,” Kohi Kulturaum, Karlsruhe, Germany

2016: “Modernist Intersections: The Tia Collection,” University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tuscon, AZ

2016: “The Legacy of Fred Harvey in New Mexico,” Santa Fe Community Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2016: “Fahrenheit 451,” Lovetts Gallery, Tulsa, OK

2015: “Song of the West,” Kohi Kulturaum, Karlsruhe, Germany

2015: “Lollipop Guild Invitational,” Lovett’s Gallery, Tulsa, OK

2014: “Uncharted Territory,” Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque, NM

2013: “Fine Folk of New Mexico,” Santa Fe Community Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2013-15 “LA Art Show,” Los Angeles County Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

2012: “Finite Passing of an Infinite Passion,” SCA Contemporary, Albuquerque, NM

2011: “100 Years of Women Rockin’ the World,” Artrage Gallery, Syracuse, NY

2011:  “18 Days,” Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM

2010: “TWO,” Rooftops, Berlin, DE

2009: “Vision Shift,” Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM

2009:  Arte BA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2009: “Salvo,” Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2007-11: Masottatorres Contemporanea, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2008: “FOCA Show,” Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM

2007-08: “Originals,” National Museum of Women in the Arts, Harwood Museum, NM

2007: “Lifting the Veil: New Mexico Women and the Tricultural Myth,” Institute of American Indian Arts Museum, Santa Fe, NM

2005-08: MJ Higgins Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2005: “Heroes,” Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM

2005: “La Madre Poderosa,” Harwood Museum, Taos, NM

2003: “FOCA Exhibition,” Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM

1999-2006 Tops Gallery, Malibu, CA


Selected Books and Publications:

Last Sketches, Erin Currier, CSF Publishing 2017

Carnet d’Amerika, Erin Currier, CSF Publishing 2016

Carnet d’Asie, Erin Currier, CSF Publishing 2013

The Paintings of Erin Currier, CSF Publishing, 2012

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Selected Collections:

Bernardo Bertolucci

Sherilynn Bevel

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela  Embassy

Lisa Bonet

California State University

President Hugo Chavez

John Cusack

Joan Cusack

Whoopi Goldberg

Mel Gibson

Linda Hamilton

Harwood Museum, Taos, NM

Dennis Hopper

Coretta Scott King

Jeremy Piven

Julia Roberts

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Santana

Martin Sheen

State of New Mexico Public Collection

Dean Stockwell

University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tuscon, AZ



Blue Rain Gallery